Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Avril Lavigne Concert Review

I heard mixed feedback on Avril Lavign's live show and as I love concerts, I needed to check it out for myself.

I was lucky enough to get 4th row tickets for Avril Lavign's show in Montreal April 2nd, 2008 for the 'Best Damn Tour' a few minutes before the show for $25 each which was the highlight of the evening.

When Avril went on, all you hear is the crowd of under 14 year old girls yelling and screaming which was to be expected so no complaints yet. I honestly admire Avril as far as songwriting goes no matter how much of it she does or doesn't do on her own. At the point she's at, I wouldn't complain either if I could have the top writers sitting in with me helping to write a few hit songs.

In any case, the show starts and though I was pumped to check it out, that feeling went away real quickly. I don't want to sound like a Simon but it was so boring. She has a great looking stage, awesome lights, the back up dancers and band are great, but if your band is named after you and you tour the world with loads of loyal fans, at least pretend like you're enjoying yourself when you're in front of thousands of people that paid and took time out of their lives to come see you perform.

The whole show was way too planned, down to every move which I have nothing against choreography, but she was like the hung over cheerleader making each move or gester amost depressing to watch with such a lack of feel. There was no running around, and no emotion in the vocals. She is very solid hitting and holding notes live but there's nothing backing up the notes. No heart put into it. It's too effortless. I agree a good vocalist should be able to run through their set effortlessly but put some heart into it. Sing like you mean what you're saying, not just singing cause you have to. It shouldn't sound like it's easy even if it is, especially for a self proclaimed rocker chick.

A big chunk of her set was done acoustically where she strummed her guitar and sang some nice ballads, but even at that, her legs are crossed as a quick example and one leg is swaying off beat while she's peforming, making it look like she's thinking about how she'll spend the money she's making rather then delivery a heart felt performance.

It doesn't help that she's in Montreal, Quebec and yells out between 2 songs ,'It's great to be back home in Ontario'.

Overall, one of the most dissapointing concerts I've seen. I enjoy a lot of her music. Her songs are great. Some music videos are rocking, but I can't see myself ever paying to see Avril Lavign live again unless she can show some enthusiasm while she's singing maybe at an award show or something that would make me feel like it was just an off night which could very well be.

Again, I think her music is awesome and I'm sure she works like a dog and it can't be easy, but the same could be said to so many bands and acts so it's no excuse, especially with a huge name like she has at this point. If anything, since she is considered a major act, wouldn't that be more of a reason to make sure every show showcases why you are regarded so high as an artist instead of giving people loads of reason to question if you are over-rated?

All the best Avril, I still think you rock.

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