Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is LimeWire Legal

Bobby here from Compare Music Download Sites with a common question that comes to us by email quite often.

Is LimeWire Legal?

In short, LimeWire and most file sharing software is legal however depending on how you use it, example using it as a music download software, can be illegal on your part much like a baseball bat is perfectly legal, however if someone uses one to break a window, their actions with it are illegal and they are at fault.

More details below however if you're in a hurry and are simply looking for a legal music download site, here are our top suggestions:

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#3 - Napster

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Back to the legality of LimeWire ...

There are exceptions as some artists put out songs for free distribution or download as promo to push an upcoming album, or for indie artists just to get their name out there and aren't asking to be compensated. In these cases, downloading their music with a program such as LimeWire is fine.

In most cases, artists and bands write songs, record them, and then sell copies of the recording at a cost either on a physical CD, or as an online music download. Avoiding the cost entirely by downloading the music for free without the artist's permission is stealing as the artist is not being compensated for his or her work.

There are many legal music download sites, some mentioned above, however if you are interested in this route, I suggest checking out our site at where we compare all the top legal music download sites on the net while including in depth reviews and ratings for each individual service to help you compare.

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