Thursday, January 22, 2009

IFPI vs Major ISP in Ireland to Stop Music Download Piracy

Looks like the 4 major labels (EMI, Sony, Universal, and Warner) in Ireland, along side the IFPI are in legal proceedings against Eircom, Ireland's largest internet service provider in an attempt to have the ISP step in using filtering technology to block it's users from music download piracy. I'll sum it up here but check out the full story:

IFPI vs ISP: Piracy Means Less Sex and Drugs for Rock Stars

The IFPI wants to hold Eircom liable for it's user's actions as they make it easy for them to infringe on copyright law and aren't stepping in, while Eircom's position is that as a carrier, it is not obligated to monitor the content of traffic throughout it's network.

I don't blame Eircom for fighting this hard since legal music downloads are practically an unknown term to so many. If they stop users from downloading music illegally which so many got used to, the user simply has to switch to another ISP without this technology implanted so they are lining themselves up to loosing a lot of customers.

Some of the arguments going around are if Eircom should even be considering this tactic? A great comment left by josh.f13 on the original story was:

So if I make a phone call to a friend and agree to make him a copy of a DVD that week, is the phone company part of the problem? And when I drive to meet him at his house, is the car company I bought the car from and the government whose roads I drove on responsible?

I agree something needs to be done to regulate music download piracy and I lean towards the ISP's stepping in personally since if we were talking about much more controversial subjects like the distribution of 'child pictures' and knowledge was out of technology that could filter these users from transferring and sharing these images with a flick of a switch, I don't even think it would be a debate.

Sticking to my point, stealing music is illegal so if we can stop it, what are we waiting for? It's way overdue for people to start using legal music download sites.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

95% of Music Downloads Illegal according to the IFPI

I found this article and thought I'd share it with you guys:

95% of Music Downloads Illegal:IFPI

In brief, a report was put together by the IFPI stating that 95% of music downloads have been downloaded in an illegal manner which accounts for roughly 40 billion song downloads!

There were polls conducted to see what would shake people up more and have them stop downloading illegaly. One poll asked if internet service providers stepped in and disconnected accounts found to download music illegaly, or have a 3 strike rule which got a high response of people saying it would drastically change their downloading habits.

One of the points the writer made was that perhaps if companies would dismiss the DRM model (digital rights managed - music downloads with limitations as to how many copies could be burned, or how many computers the song can be on at once, ...) and lower their prices, there would be less piracy. I strongly disagree.

I think the ones who have been downloading music illegaly are in a comfort zone and are used to getting any music they want for free without running into any legal trouble (yet) so why even spend $1 for an album you can get for free?

I guess for a lot of people, morals are out the window for some reason when it comes to music downloads which I can't understand. It's really not that hard to grasp.

Downloading music illegaly is stealing any way you want to look at it. If you haven't yet, check out our main site with loads of info on music download along with reviews of the best music download sites on the net. Only 100% legal sites reviewed and included.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

New American Idol Judge Kara DioGuardi

Songwriter Kara DioGuardi will be the fourth judge in Amercian Idol's 8th season. Finally they are planning to spice things up a little in the reality show that's providing songwriters like her with plenty of work. Way to have an in and maybe a favored first dibs on working and writing for the winners. Not that she needs it but in any case.

You might not know her yet, but I guarantee you've heard some of the songs and music this 38 year old songwriter has composed or had a part in composing within the last few years. Here's just a sample of the artists she's writen music for:

- Celine Dion
- Kelly Clarkson
- Pink
- Christina Aguilera
- Enrique Iglesias
- Marc Anthony
- Taylor Hicks
- Carrie Underwood
- Hillary Duff
- Paris Hilton
- Bo Bice
- Diana DeGarno

What else. She worked for Billboard, was a judge on 'The One' (short lived reality series similar to Idol, canned after 4 episodes but what can you do), and currently senior vice president of A&R at Warner Brother's Records which she will still be doing during Idol. You figure someone who makes a living finding new music, new bands and artists to sign to Warner must have a strong opinion about music and performance.

Fun fact, she and Paula Abdul previously lived and wrote together for a few weeks. One of the co-written songs was 'Spinning Around' which became a #1 hit in Britain for artist Kylie Minogue.

I'm looking forward to seeing how things go this season of Idol with Kara DioGuardi added to the mix. Should be very interesting and at the least, distracting from the mostly predictable comments of the others.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Top Selling Digital Albums of 2008

Music downloads are doing much better but I still thought these numbers would have been more impressive. You be the judge. Here's a list of the top selling digital songs of 2008 according to the Nielson SoundScan:

Top Selling Digital Albums of 2008

#ArtistAlbumAlbums Sold
1ColdplayViva la Vida617,000
2Jack JohnsonSleep Through The Static325,000
4Lil WayneThe Carter III267,000
5Taylor SwiftFearless225,000
7Jason MrazWe Sing We Dance184,000
8Kanye West808'S & Heartbreak183,000
9Britney SpearsCircus172,000
10MetallicaDeath Magnetic158,000

There were a few surprises for me. I wasn't expecting 2 soundtracks in the top 10, nor seeing Metallica; the band that got Napster into a whole lot of trouble when they used to be a file sharing program. If you don't know the story, Metallica was the one that stepped up to the media going against file sharing programs, using Napster as the example, since artists weren't getting compensated for their work. People used to download the music for free illegaly and share it with everyone. It's nice to see a lot has changed since then and music download sites and services are getting more and more popular.

Since the incident and after loads of media attention, Napster built itself up to being one of the top legal music download services around now compensating the artists for music being downloaded and heard through their service.

For more information and to learn about some of the top legal music download sites on the net, visit our main site at

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Top Selling Digital Songs of 2008

People are finally purchasing legal online music downloads instead of stealing them by downloading them illegaly. The numbers aren't fantastic but you asked for them so here's a list of the top selling digital songs of 2008 according to the Nielson SoundScan:

Top Selling Digital Songs of 2008

#ArtistSongUnits Sold
1Leona LewisBleeding Love3,420,000
2Lil Wayne feat. Static MajorLollipop3,161,000
3Flow Rider feat. T-PainLow2,979,000
4Katy PerryI Kissed a Girl2,977,000
5ColdplayViva la Vida2,914,000
7T.I.Whatever You Like2,682,000
8Jason MrazI'm Yours2,655,000
9Jordan Sparks duet w/ Chris BrownNo Air2,612,000
10PinkSo What2,590,000

These numbers combine all versions of the songs.

We still have a long hill to climb before everyone purchases the music they download but things are looking up. Music download sites and services are very affordable, conveniant, and awareness of these sites is growing.

If you want to learn more about some of the top legal music download sites on the net, visit our main site at

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

People in Planes - Pretty Buildings Live Video

One of the things that bothers me the most when I go see an artist live and I know the music inside out is when they can't perform it anywhere near the CD version if their life depended on it. A big chunk of that dissapointment is usually towards the singer though the more I see award shows, it looks like if any artist at leasts tries to actual sing and not lip sync, they are already a step above a lot of people which is rediculous.

At the same time, there is a lot of music out there and artists that don't get the credit they deserve and can actually often times perform the songs better than the recorded versions. I'll be sharing some from time to time with you guys and I wanted the first one to be a song that hit me right away off the radio. There was something about the music, about the lyrics, the voice, everything together that was so perfect for me which doesn't happen that often for me on a first listen to the music:

People in Planes - Pretty Buildings

(I'm not sold on the music video but check it out for the music)

After hearing the song, I was looking around to catch a live video of it which usually is a deciding factor for me if I respect the band after that and would pay to see them live, or if it's just another artist merely trying to play live that I'll keep in my music playlist and it ends there. Check out the live music clip and you'll know which list these guys went under:

People in Planes - Pretty Buildings - LIVE

Watch the video if you enjoy solid live performances but it'll hit you more if you hear the original song first.

Two thumbs up to the boys in People in Planes. You guys are part of the top solid live bands I've seen through YouTube and I'll be front row if you decide to come by in Montreal. To all you other artists out there singing over the main vocal track or worse, quit cheating us in concert. You could learn something from these guys even if they aren't sponsored by McDonalds or have their own fragrance.

If you enjoy their music, be sure to visit the band's MySpace:

People in Planes - MySpace

Side note, I'll be continuing these youtube video posts and sharing some great music videos with you guys so if interested and you haven't yet, be sure to join to recieve all the updates of our Music Download Sites Blog, or come check us out from time to time.

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Top Selling Albums of 2008

With online music downloads up, album sales took a massive hit in 2008 but some artists are still managing to bring in some numbers. Here's a quick list of the top selling albums of 2008 according to the Nielson SoundScan:

Top Selling Albums of 2008

#ArtistAlbumAlbums Sold
1Lil WayneThe Carter III2.87 million
2ColdplayViva la Vida or Death and All His Friends2.14 million
3Taylor SwiftFearless2.11 million
4Kid RockRock N Roll Jesus2.02 million
5AC/DCBlack Ice1.92 million
6Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift1.6 million
7MetallicaDeath Magnetic1.57 million
8T.I.Paper Trail1.52 million
9Jack JohnsonSleep Through the Static1.49 million
10BeyoncéI Am ... Sasha Fierce1.46 million

To give you an idea of how low these numbers are, just take into consideration the #1 selling album of 2000 was N Sync's 'No Strings Attached' with 9.94 million copies followed by "The Marshall Mathers LP" by Eminem with 7.92 million copies sold. Back in 2000, there were 18 albums that sold more than 3 million copies which would all beat out 2008's top seller.

People are becoming more aware of the legal music download sites out there and so digital sales have skyrocketed in the past few years. Successful artists are the ones who are adapting to the changes and have a team that is on top of technology and moving with the consumer's new needs. Might be a scary time for a lot of people in the industry, but you have to admit, they are interesting times none the less.

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