Saturday, November 28, 2009

UK Working on Reducing Illegal Music Downloads

Looks like the UK is working on reducing the amount of illegal music downloads in the country. The move will involve implementing technology to track illegal music downloaders, warning repeat offenders, and in drastic cases, disconnecting users completely with the help and cooperation of ISPs. Here's the full story:

Illegal downloaders will be disconnected - eventually - Article by

This is far from being a new concept as this has been discussed in many other countries, and many other times before. The problem lies with invading one's privacy and not respecting human rights since for all of this to work, monitoring of users internet habits and visited web pages would come into play. Is everyone comfortable knowing they are being monitored so closely, down to files they download and share with friends? France for instance has already made internet access a human right so not too sure how they will work around that one, or if this type of move will even be possible?

One number that shocked me in the article was claiming only 1 in 20 music downloads in UK were legal! I think everyone can at least agree something needs to be done about it. If we all enjoy music and our favorite artists, we need to support what they do. If everyone steals their music, how in the hell do you expect people to keep making records, have the money to back big scale touring, pretty much keep the music business going?

I'm not saying monitoring every every household computer's activity is the solution, but it is a solution and unfortunately, too many people are stealing music. If the numbers weren't so drastic, perhaps these types of measures would have never been discussed or brought to the table in the first place.

To sum it up, stop downloading music illegally! It's a point we push very hard at our site where we compare only reliable sites offering legal music downloads so if you want artists to keep creating music and coming to your town, putting on amazing live concerts, if you're still downloading off torrent sites or other illegal manners where artists are not compensated, check out these places to download music instead.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rock Band Now Has 1000 Songs Available

You've played it before maybe at a friends house, or even seen it on your favorite television series at some point. Rock Band, probably one of the most addictive video games ever made, continuously added songs for the platform for the past two years and recently reached a new milestone totaling 1,000 available songs! For the music lovers out there that enjoy the occasional video game, this opens the door to hours upon hours of rocking out to your favorite tunes while getting a chance to discover some great music.

If that wasn't enough, the developers of Rock Band recently put out a 'Beatles' version of the game, letting you play along to all your favorites, and even released an upgraded "Rock Band 2" version.

The music keeps on coming so if you haven't checked out the game yet and are a music fan, this one will keep you glued to the television for some time. Figure if you're spending some time listening to music, might as well play along to it ...

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

HMV Music Download Kiosk in Singapore

Music downloads have threatened physical CD sales and stores like HMV for a while now. A new HMV store in Singapore is trying something new though ...

They will have music download kiosks available for users to download their favorite songs right to their phones. Here's the full story:

Buy HMV Digital Downloads for a Song - Article by AsiaOne.

I think stores trying to diversify and 'get with the times' in a sense is great however there are a few negative points to consider with a music download kiosk.

First off, I don't see how they'll ever be able to match per song pricing of music download sites. It just doesn't make sense. The extra expense of having a kiosk in a physical building where you would have to compare renting the space for millions as oppossed to only website hosting costs will force them to jack up prices in comparison to music download services. This is what is expected as well according to the article.

Per song pricing is expecting to be anywhere between $0.80 per song up to $1.69 for the more popular titles and files will have certain DRM encryption, limiting their use and how many computer's they could be shared on at once. These files will also not be compatible with iPhones or iPods where as at Amazon MP3 or iTunes, songs are on a variable pricing model as well but from $0.69 to $1.29 and with little to no restrictions.

Perhaps the conveniance of being in a shopping mall and wanting a particular song on the spot can have some overlook the extra few cents and limitations but it's an overpriced product for now. Very happy they are working towards going digital but will have to find a way to do it and stay competitive with sites offering music downloads at such lower prices and no restrictions.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Cover on Ukulele

Hey guys,

I wanted to share an awesome YouTube video with you of a fantastic ukulele player doing an instrumental version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by George Harrison / The Beatles:

I end up watching quite a few covers on YouTube randomly most of the time and most are less than impressive. This one was shown to me by a close friend who landed on it by accident and I guess was luckier with his wasted time than I have been in a while. It really struck a chord. Great version. I only wish the musician's name was easier to find as I'd love to share with you so if anyone knows, feel free to email us here at and I'll edit this post to give the artist his well deserved credit.

Enjoy the video!

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Adam Lambert AMA Performance - The Male Britney

Alright, so everyone's talking about Adam Lambert's performance at the AMA's last night so I guess you can consider it a successful publicity stunt but I say "what the heck man". Here was an interview with Adam after the performance:

If Adam likes a guy's face in his crotch and another guy's tongue down his throat while he sings, fine. I can't really say much since if it was Britney Spears with another woman on stage, I may have had a smile on my face and consider it entertaining so fair is fair. If male on male is as popular to the general public I'm not convinced but I guess his marketing team figure the publicity he gets for thowing it in his act will pay off in the end.

I have a problem with the performance for completely different reasons. I was a fan of Adam when he was on American Idol. I thought the guy was a machine. He rarely ever sang a wrong note and was the ultimate rockstar. He always looked under control and confident when performing each and every night. Now, we don't hear from him in months, his big TV break and he sings off in loads of places, stumbles on stage, and in my opinion didn't have the same confidence going out there as he did on American Idol.

Either he was having a bad night, is not confident in singing his own material, or is trying to go out there and be someone he's completely not comfortable with (yet) which again comes down to showing a lack of confidence resulting in very poor singing for most, in Adam's case, a few off notes throughout.

That aside, I don't find the new song to be very good. It all reaks of fabrication. It's taking away from the art. You have an album saying "For Your Entertainment" so basically a big heads up he's ready to do anything for media coverage and get people talking. They choose to release it as a first single. His first performance has loads of stunts involved knowing the world will talk about it. It's all too fabricated.

A real rockstar doesn't say "hey, watch me, I'm going to do things that will make you guys talk about me". Usually, they do it either cause it's them all along, or at least do it without the big billboard and heads up to the world. He had his chance on American Idol to shock but instead, he was being himself and was amazing. The world loved him. Once the record label got their hands on him, they built a whole story and plan around it. He's not a rockstar, he's a popstar. Hopefully they won't ask him to jump and bark like a dog cause I'd bet he's ready to. After all, it would go with the whole "For Your Entertinament" theme and probably get him in the papers again.

I'm sure the songs will be catchy, he'll sell millions of records and be a big success but still lost a few points in my eyes from yesterday's performance. I would have much rathered an acoustic performance that showed off his insane vocal range and voice than seeing a male version of Britney who's media hungry and ready to do anything for people to talk about it. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out though and still looking forward to checking out the album.

Best of luck Adam. You sing like a freaken rockstar, hands down. Just wished you would have stuck to the rockstar path and not give in to being a male Britney. At least you chose to actually sing live though. I don't think I could have handled another lip sync performance yesterday night ...

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