Saturday, December 5, 2009

Susan Boyle's Debut Album 'I Dreamed a Dream' Beats UK Sales Record

You might remember Susan Boyle from Britain's Got Talent even if you don't catch the show in your area only as they made such a huge deal about it across global media that you couldn't help but catch a glimpse of her performance which seemed to have knocked the socks off all of the judges. In case you missed it:

Her recently released debut album has gone to break the UK record for most units sold in it's first week with over 410,000 units!

I'm not sure what is more impressive. The number of units sold or how powerful reality TV shows are becoming making such an impact on what consumers are buying. It's far from the first reality TV success story making you wonder what's to come in another 10 years of show winners. Reality talent shows will run the charts and pretty much dictate what we're going to buy and what music we listen to. Come to think about it, I guess the best move for record labels would be to grab their top few potential artists, show them on a reality TV show, pay off whoever they need to and get their guys as far as possible, winning the competition, and then they're guaranteed record sales. It's not like they didn't use to pay off radio stations to get their songs played. Even if no one requested it, it was a sneaky but effective way as hearing the same song a few times will eventually have people singing it back. Same concept here. It's reality TV. People get attached to the characters and anyone on the show for 10 weeks will get a load of attention which will result in album sales afterwards. I think this could all just lead to pay for reality positioning if it hasn't already which is no fun to think about so I'll stop thinking about it.

In any case, back to Boyle. Good for her. She has a great voice and used the opportunity of being in TV to show her talent and in a sense get a huge short cut into the industry and now selling an insane amount of records. Maybe the whole thing makes me jeleous so I'll leave this post at that ... a record breaking contest winner sells a whole lot of records ... now you know.

For anyone interested:

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