Monday, April 12, 2010

Concert Review - Nickelback in Montreal April 9th 2010

So I was at the Bell Center in Montreal for the Nickelback concert on April 9th, 2010 and what a show it was. Talk about a line up:

- Sick Puppies
- Shinedown
- Breaking Benjamin
- Nickelback

One of the problems with the show was that it started way too early though with 4 bands, I guess it would have been hard to put it on any other way.

Sick Puppies was on first and they started at roughly 6:15 PM which has to be the earliest I've ever seen a band play at the Bell Center. They started strong with "War" and as usual put on a fantastic show. The only negative is that 4 songs later, they were off the stage. Talk about a short set ...

Shinedown came on and I was really excited as they are one of my favorite bands. They played a good 30 minute set full of the radio hits and a few off their new album which rocked. Best part of it was the acoustic version of "Simple Man" mid way showing off the singer's incredible voice. He impressed me as a front man and did try to get the crowd going but I was personally embarassed at how relaxed the crowd was during the set. I understand most came for the headliner but man, you're at a rock show. It's ok to get into the opening bands!

Breaking Benjamin was next playing a good 30-40 minute set again with all the radio hits and mixing it up with a few songs from each album. Same problem with the crowd though. I don't know if technology is hurting concert goers where they just text and play games while waiting for the only band they paid the ticket for but man, once again, I bowed my head down in shame looking at the crowd response to such a great live band.

The sound overall for the openers was to be desired but the same goes for a lot of opening acts. They won't get the same juice from the PA as the headliners so they are quite limited, let's not even talk about the 10% of lighting they get next to headliners.

Nickelback was next and from the start, the sound was amazing, pyro was going off everywhere, light show was half descent, you felt the rock show started after that. The crowd was 100% behind Chad's every word and singing along all night.

They must be the tightest band I've ever seen live. I'd be impressed if you could point out a mistake musically or vocally. They are all just spot on. Incredible. I was impressed by the small amount of sequences used also. Usually, you have rock bands go on and you hear 12 violins, back vocals, and hundred of sounds in the back to fill it up but they were very transparent with Nickelback to the point where in some songs, I couldn't guarantee that they used any at all.

All the radio hits were played and as they've been around for a little time and have a few hit albums out, hits pretty much made up their entire 2 hour set. Chad did a great job of interacting with the crowd and the show was built up to be very fun and entertaining.

There was a drum solo 3 quarters in. Now he may be a very tight drummer but I was a little dissapointed with the drum solo. A lot of it was rythm patterns as opposed to showing off and doing something impressive to the drummers in the room. Like most drum solos, people just went crazy anyways anytime there was double bass and a lot of noise regardless if it was at some of the simpler parts during the solo. I give it a 6/10 from all drum solos I've seen live. Far from the worst but no where near a top 10 drum solo.

Overall, the show was awesome and I recommend checking Nickelback out any time they are in your area and headlining. Easily the tightest band I've seen live and one of the best vocals too. I know people like to give them a hard time but if you can't appreciate a Nickelback show, you're just being ignorant cause it's really hard to say it was anything but a great rock show. Good job guys! See you at the next one.

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