Monday, April 26, 2010

Music Download Sites - What Makes a Site Legal Or Illegal?

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share with you a recent article I wrote about the legality of music download sites that is now published on

As an artist myself, I am frustrated with the illegal methods of downloading music which are still around but I tell myself if people don't know what makes a site legal or illegal, it's not their fault for using them so might as well put some information out there to educate users who are interested. Plus it helps me justify being upset a little since aside from my homepage which only compares the top legal music download sites, I'm getting a new article out there available to anyone interested in doing the right thing ... so now you know :)

The article takes a look at how music download sites started and got popular, what makes a site legal or illegal and what to look out for.

Check it out!

EzineArtciles - Music Download Sites - What Makes a Site Legal or Illegal

Please feel free to rate the article, pass it around, tweet it, all of the above. I'll try and put more of these together throughout the year but will get back to focusing on some music oriented posts which reminds me.

Another quick reminder, Blogger is taking out FTP uploading so I will be changing up the blog in the new upcoming month to Wordpress so to all subscirbers, you will have to re-subscribe. The "Blog" link through the homepage ( will point to the new blog when it's up and running.

Thanks guys, enjoy the article and I'll hit you up with more music and music news soon!

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