Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Songs to Discover - Defying Gravity - Glee

Hey everyone,

First thing's first. I apologize. I took a step away from the song discovery theme which I've been getting some great feedback from only as "Blogger" seems to be doing a switch and will no longer allow FTP upload so we are thinking of switching everything to Wordpress. I'll keep you posted on that one. For now, I couldn't hold off on showing you a little something.

I don't watch the show but have a close friend who's a huge fan of "Glee" and knows I'm big into music so has always tried getting me to give it a shot. I just don't want to get addicted to another television show.

That said, this friend of mine sat me down in front of YouTube recently and said, dude, give this a listen ...

This is the first broadway type song I'm sharing with you because after a listen, there was just something with the song that really hit me that I haven't felt too often with this style of music.

First impression, when I heard that chorus that first time, the melody was just so strong. It felt unexpected and not predictable especially with the much more broadway feel to the verses.

My Interpretation

Well, it's a packed 2 minutes of what feels like a straight forward theme but I love the simplicity of the lyrics that were able to bring such a positive and important message across with ease. Don't be scared, take that leap towards whatever it is you're gunning for, don't let others stop you or take you down, you know, all that usual stuff. I've heard a lot of songs with the same theme but this one flows so well and just has the perfect musical and melodic accompaniment to pull it off.

I personally love it and hit repeat a good +10 times that same day it was shown to me. I hope you take a second, give it a listen, and enjoy it even half as much as I did.

As mentioned above, we may move everything to Wordpress so stay tuned since after May 1st, they are stopping this FTP upload bit that is very convenient so to all our subscribers, put a little mark in the calendar cause you may have to re-subscribe once the new set up is done.

Till then, enjoy the tune and I'll talk to you guys soon with some more little musical gems and other great music download sites news of course!

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At April 22, 2010 5:49 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would never have thought I read about Glee on your blog. Check out the original version from the broadway "WICKED"

At April 26, 2010 8:42 PM , Blogger Mr.Bob said...

Thanks for the comment!

Ya, the style isn't what I usually listen to but like I always say, a great song is a great song so I find any true music lover should be able to find the beauty in that one as easily as any other pop or even heavy rock song.

Nice version you shared with us. I actually took a look at that version when I was writing the post but I heard the "too perfect" studio version of the song from Glee first so I didn't find the live version with the off notes a little everwhere would have given the right impression of what an amazing song it really is. None the less, the production of the live video is really cool and they have some great harmonies going. Just a few too many off notes but can't blame them, the song is technically difficult to sing but sitting in that audience, I'm sure it was a feeling seeing that performance.


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