Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Good Song is a Good Song - Rihanna Covers

I'm a songwriter with songs written having been in rotation on MuchLOUD and even top 10 on radio stations around my area. I think this is the first time I pass a link in a blog about my band but I'm the singer and lead songwriter of Play The Angel by the way - It's only when I started getting really into writing songs that I started noticing the beauty in a lot of other songs around me.

When I'm in a car with someone else driving somewhere and a pop song comes on produced as hip hop or any other genre, sometimes I'll say out loud, "Dam, that's an amazing song". I'm a rocker so no one gets it and some of my friends even give me a weird look but what I mean is that there's a reason the song is being played on radio that much and built up to be an amazing success. Here's the reason:

A great song is a great song!

All these hip hop songs or super pop songs like Britney Spears or Rihanna, these songs made it to be such successes cause they are insanely well written songs. When you break it down to an acoustic version in your head, or if someone plays you a cover just voice / piano or voice / acoustic guitar, the songs are absolutely amazing. This is why a producer can take that version from these great songwriters and producing them to being these hip hop or very pop songs and they are insanely catchy. It's not the "yeah yeah's" in the back they add (though that does give an element), it's cause the song is just a great song to begin with. It's almost hard to mess it up at that point ...

Here are 2 quick examples of Rihanna songs that are amazing when broken down to their original state so hopefully the rockers out there like me can break out of that shell and start giving credit where credit is due to these great song writers. I'm not talking about Britney and Rihanna, I'm talking about the song writers who wrote their songs. Please don't get these mixed up, but start appreciating good song writing no matter what the genre they are produced in dammit!


Rihanna's Disturbia - Acoustic Cover

Rihanna's Umbrella - Acoustic Cover

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Funny Music Video - Regular Everday Normal Guy

I love any music that makes me feel something. If I were to be stuck on a desert island for the rest of my life with a small bank of songs to be my only entertainment, I'd try to spread it out to have music covering positive topics, serious ones, and anything with down right incredible lyrics and / or melodies but would probably throw one or two in that are just fun, or even, rediculously funny to cheer me up. Well ... This funny music video would have a good chance of being one of the only "funny" songs I'd bring with me:

The funny music video / song is called "Regular Everyday Normal Guy" by Jon Lajoie. I'm proud to say he's from my home town of Montreal, Canada. I don't know him personally but the funny music video was shown to me a while back by a buddy who said I had to check out this Montreal guy. This was when the video had maybe a few thousand plays. He must be doing it right cause he has well over 14,000,000 plays right now and counting. If ever he's reading this, Congrats!

He has loads of other funny music videos so if you like what he does, check him out through YouTube or go visit his website. You will not be dissapointed:

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Muse in Montreal was amazing!

Hey guys,

So last night, the Muse was in town. Some buddies and I went to go check out the show. I've been looking forward to it for quite some time, especially after seeing their live DVD:

So we go to the show and catch the opener (Silversun Pickup) who rocked it out. They had a few hits going so it was nice to recognize a few songs. Always a plus ...

The Muse gets on stage, each of the three members on their own seperate platform and up maybe 20 feet from teh actual stage with columns of lights above and below them displaying incredible visual effects while in sync to the music of course. If it's not enough, towards the middle of the set, they had what felt like hundreds of laser effects going nuts which really kicked it up a notch. Let's face it, a live show, you have 3 guys on a stage, $500,000 worth of lights and lasers surely makes you seem larger than life. Helium filled balloons with eyeball designs fall from the cieling at another point, 2 encores later finishing off the show with Nights of Sydonia and everyone in the packed Bell Center was on their feet and felt like they had drank a few red bulls.

Overall, I have to say the concert was an easy 9 / 10, probably top 5 in my life. It helps when you know all the songs but these guys are just too good. Vocals are spot on, music incredible, and the lead singer has too much talent for one musician, it's almost sickening.

For any music lover, going to see them perform live is an aboluste must. If they are in your town, go check it out. You won't regret!

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Songs to Discover : The Fray - You Found Me

Songs to Discover

The Fray - You Found Me

Getting back to a serious note with the "Songs to Discover", for this week, I wanted to share with you a song with very strong lyrics and great melodies. This week goes to The Fray's You Found Me.

This is the first time I talk about a song that did hit radio but it's so good that if you've never heard it before, but heard a few times and didn't know who it was, I felt it was completely worth sharing.

Originally titled "Amistad" back in 2007, You Found Me went on to seling over 2,000,000 music downloads, taking the 13th spot on the Hot 100 Songs of 2009 list, and 36th on Billboard's Best Adult Pop SOngs of the Decade. Pretty impressive but when you take a listen to the song, any music lover who appreciates a strong and emtional vocal performance, meaningful lyrics, and a catchy melody would rush to hit repeat.

My Interpretation

For me, the song is of someone who lost his faith in God after stepping back and taking a look at how much crap there is in the world. None of his prayers have been answered so he figures there is no God, or if there is one, maybe he forgot about us. The character bumps in to God on a street corner and asks where He's been, and letting all of his thoughts and anger out saying how it's too late now. He lost his faith already and now he shows up ... what timing.

Take a listen to the lyrics yourself. They are beautiful and the kind that get you into the story and thinking from the first few lines. Fantastic job The Fray!

If you've never heard the song before, take 4 minutes of your life, hit play on the YouTube video above and enjoy!

If your looking for legal music download sites, be sure to head on over to our homepage where we review the best music download sites on the net!

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