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The Full Scoop

Compare Music Download Sites was started up by a few friends who shared the same love for music. The concept of the site came about after one night of drinks and regular music discussion which broadened to each of our means of downloading MP3's or buying music albums. After realizing we all downloaded or bought CD's and music from different services and online stores, we argued against each other's music downloading service for which was the best and why. We found the topic particularly interesting and figured why not put up a site reviewing different download services so others can save time and use our research to find the right music service for them. We already had a large chunk of the research done between all of us finding our own that it almost made sense to put it online.

We've done our homework on each company and service we have up on the site, spent time researching, testing out each of their customer service, and coming up with a rating system we find fair taking in account free trials, easy to use sites, selection, costs, and customer service. All reviews are based on our personal opinion and obviously using our own rating system and depending on what your looking for in a music service (large selection, great bonus offers, a free trial, lowest prices, ...) perhaps our #1 choice overall may not match your needs so we suggest taking a look at the site and reviews thoroughly before making your choice though we only put up sites that have been around for a while, have a solid name and reputation, and competitive prices or even cool concepts for music lovers.

A lot of people were asking us what's best for them, a subscription based service or a pay-per-song only service so we added an information section that can probably help you figure that out.

For those of you still downloading MP3's without one of these services, hopefully the site will help convert you to downloading legal MP3's from now on and give the artists credit they deserve for the work they've put into making each song. Prices are very reasonable and you get great extras. We are all musicians here at Let Me Compare and know how hard it is and sometimes unfair the business can be especially to those trying to make a name for themselves, along with bringing food on the table. People downloading MP3's without the proper licenses are hurting a lot of the industry, especially the artists so start downloading legal MP3's.

If you feel a site should be up (or not) on our site, or have any feedback or comments, we love hearing from anyone who took the time to check out our web site so feel free to contact us! Some questions you have may already be answered in our FAQ section so be sure to take a look first!

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