Compare Music Download Sites' FAQ section

What is Let Me Compare?

Let Me Compare is a review site comparing legal music download services with full reviews, saving you time in finding the best online music download service that suits your needs.

Where is Let Me Compare situated?

Let Me Compare is based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. You may request exact coordinates by email if needed.

Which sites do we review?

We've browsed the internet and done our research on many services and companies and came down to the ones we show on this site according to who we felt offered the best service taking in consideration music selection, user friendly-ness, customer service, and costs. You can view our full review of any of the sites we compare on the website through the review links whcih gives a thorough overview of each service.

I use a great service that is not on the site, can you review it?

If there are any services or sites you feel would fit on this web site, please feel free to send us a short email with the site and we will look into it. Check out our contact page for our email address.

Are the services you review legal?

We only review sites that have the proper licenses with the major and indie labels making it 100% legal

How does your rating system work?

We rate each of the following criteria on 5:

  • Ease of Use - (most sites will rate high if the service is user friendly)
  • Selection - (amount of millions of songs available)
  • Customer Service - (amount of methods and personal experience)
  • Free Trial / Specials
  • Cost

We then add everything up for a score on 25 which we then calculate as a star rating on 10.

What's the difference between a subscription and pay-per-song service?

This is one of the main issues when first looking into legal music download services so we put up an entire information section with some great info to help you decide which would best suit your needs and save you money.

What is DRM encryption?

DRM stands for Digital Rights Managed and is an encryption found most commonly in music and video files to restrict the free use and transfer of the media. DRM encrytptions are put in place to try and assure only paying customers have access to the media, and to avoid to a certain point the amount of piracy that can be done with the files.

What is kbps?

In brief, kbps is the bitrate of an audio file. You would normally see MP3 filesi n 128 kbps or more and more, we are seeing 256 kbps available. When an audio signal is sent to a digital platform, it maps out the sound wave taking a sample (or picture) of it many times within a second. The number stands for how many times within a second the audio file is sampled (kilobits per second) therefore the higher the number, the higher the quality and the closer to the original sound wave it will be.

How do I contact Compare Music Download Sites?

Please take a look at our contact page. GO home