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Amazon MP3 is our suggested pay-per-song and album music download site for those of you looking to download a few songs from time to time. No membership fees with these guys, simply find what you're looking for and download it.

They have the best per-song and album prices compared to the other sites reviewed, are compatible with iPods and almost any portable music player or burning software, and have a huge library of over 6 million songs.

Overall Score: 7.2/10

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Customer Service

You can reach their customer service by phone or email, and both are of excellent quality. For the phone service, you can enter your phone number and have their customer service call you immediately, or in 5-10 minutes. Within a few minutes, we got all the answers we were looking for from one of their agents. The email we sent was answered within the hour which was the quickest response in comparison to the other sites. We can not give them full marks however only due to the lack of a live chat support which is something that is available with some of the other services.

Ease of Use

It is very easy to find the songs (or books and products) you are looking for. Their search functions are great and provide relevant results. For music downloads, as they must be downloaded at the time of purchase, Amazon created the Amazon MP3 Downloader software which streamlines the process of downloading and organizing the music you purchase by letting you download entire albums, queue up multiple song purchases, and automatically import music into Windows Media Player or iTunes. You can also download individual songs without installing the software if you prefer.

Free Trial / Specials

As a pay-per-song service, there is no free trial.


Offering music downloads is one of their newer endeavours yet they have managed to build up and impressive library of over 6,000,000 songs convering all the mainstream and top 40 artists we're used to hearing, along with plenty of new music to discover.


They use a pay-per song/album model so there are no monthly fees. Songs are offered in MP3 format and are DRM-free (Digital Rights Managed) which means no limitations to the amount of times a song can be burned for your personal use, or how many computers the song can be on at once.

For most albums, you can choose to download the entire album and save some money however some albums are only available on a per song basis.

You can find albums under $5 or single songs as low as $0.79 each however some of the newer albums usually run up between $9-$11 and single songs at $0.99.


For the occassional downloader, this would be our suggested pay-per-song solution as they have great prices, an easy to use platform, and an impressive and growing library of music. Visit their music page here.

For those who plan on downloading a larger quantity of music (above 10 songs / month), we recommend taking a look at the subscription based services compared on our site. A good start would be our homepage where you can get a quick outline of each service, what is offered, and depending on your situation and downloading habits, which service would be the best match.

Right now, our top recommended music download site is the SuperPass for it's great value and for being not only a music service, but a complete entertainment service. Members get 10 free monthly music downloads, access to watch high quality television programs on their computer such as the Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Plant, Big Brother, MythBusters, and many others, and the ability to download full high quality movies including new releases, old classics, and even indie films.

They are currently offering a 14 day free trial which gives you complete access to their entertainment service along with 10 free music downloads which are yours to keep no matter what.

Visit SuperPass for their current free music downloads and 14 day free trial offer.

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