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The ITunes Store started up in April of 2003 and built up a library to now over 10 million songs! By July 2007, they sold over 3 billion songs accounting for more than 80% of all online digital music sales combined worldwide!

They have great selection and prove to be a solid pay-per-song service though they are in general more expensive than Buy and our reviewers were not thrilled on their software platform needed to download music.

Overall Score: 6.6/10

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Customer Service

We called our regional 800 number for Apple and a very polite agent guided us to the page to find the email address as the ITunes Store customer service at this time is handled strictly through email only. We sent in a few questions and got a thorough reply within 24 hours.

Ease of Use

The ITune Store uses the ITunes platform which is a small user friendly package including a high quality player with capability to create playlists, a search feature giving you the extra info such as album reviews, customer reviews and popularity rating on songs, along with other great features. Though many may agree, we did not enjoy using their platform as much as the other services and found it a little less user-friendly than tehy like claim.

Free Trial / Specials

As a pay-per-song service, they do not offer a free trial however they do have a ‘Free Single of the Week’ which you can download for free every week.


The iTunes Store features more than 10 million $0.99 songs in a large variety of genres, 100,000 free podcasts, 27,000 audiobooks, 350 TV shows, and now, movies and iPod games. By far the largest selection of music out of the download music services we compare.


ITunes works on a per song basis as opposed to a membership. For those only wanting a limited amount of tracks, this could be a more economical route as a music service.

ITunes - $0.99 / song
Songs through ITunes use Apple’s Fairplay DRM encryption (Digital Rights Managed) which means there are certain limitations. Users can transfer a song (or video) on up to 5 different computers, burn 7 copies of the same playlist to CD, and sync to an unlimited number of IPods.


The cost per song is higher than Amazon MP3, the other pay-per-song service we compare on the site, however they offer a great selection and perhaps some exclusive tracks you will not find throguh the other services. The pay-per-song model is also something worth taking a look into if you do not download a very large amount of music regulary (under 10 downloads a month). If you fall in this category, you should definately take a look at ITunes.

For those with more demanding downloading habits, we suggest taking a look at our top 3 music services through our homepage as they are a much more economical choice for the big dowloaders.

Our top suggested music download site at this time is the SuperPass which is an all around complete entertainment service. As a member, you get 10 free monthly music downloads, access to watch high quality television programs on your computer such as the Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Plant, Big Brother, MythBusters, and many others, and you can download full high quality movies as well including new releases, old classics, and even indie films.

Currently, they are offering a 14 day free trial which gives you complete access to their service along with 10 free music downloads which are yours to keep no matter what.

Visit SuperPass for their current free music downloads and 14 day free trial offer.

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