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Consider this the ultimate entertainment package. We focused the review on the music section of the service which holds more than 16 million songs, but the service gives you so much more than that:

  • 10 free high quality monthly music downloads
  • Protect your computer with McAffee's Antivirus software
  • watch classic and current full length movies
  • watch top TV shows including Big Brother and exclusive live cam feeds of current and past seasons

On top of it all, they give you a free 14 day trial which automatically gets you $10 of free music downloads! Click here to try it out.

Overall Score: 9.4/10

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Customer Service

These guys offer customer service through email, live chat, and by phone. We tested things out by sending an email first with a few questions. We received a reply within 24 hours; the quickest reply compared to the other music download services we review. The live chat went smooth, and our questions were aanswered thouroughly and politely by phone.

Ease of Use

Very easy to use with a quick search feature to find the songs your looking for, clean layout, plenty of additional info on all music pages. The other parts of the service (online TV, radio stations, movies, ...) were also very well laid out and easy to browse through.

Free Trial / Specials

There is a 14 day free trial giving you a great period of time to test this service out thouroughly though considering that in addition to a music download service, it is a complete entertainment service really, we suggest taking advantage of the time they give you and test as much out as you can to see if it's the right service for you.

With the free 14 day trial, you get $10 of free music downloads of your choice which are yours to keep either way.


They have an impressive music library of +16 million tracks with a broad range of genres – rock, pop, alternative, punk, rap, hip-hop, soul, R&B, country, jazz, blues, world, reggae, classical, oldies, children, comedy and many more. The selection is always growing as new songs are added to the library every Tuesday.


As a member of the service, you can browse through their catalogue of over 12 million songs and download 10 for free each month, with any additional ones at roughly $0.99 per download. Considering downloading a hit song from iTunes is now at $1.29, for 10 songs, you're practically paying as much as this service only it ends at the 10 music downloads with iTunes. Where the real value of this service as a whole comes in and surpasses the other sites we review is when you take a look at everything you get with this complete entertainment package:

Superpass - $14.99 / month

With Superpass, you get 10 monthly high quality music downloads (works with any protable music player including iPods) per month along with:

  • access to classic, indie, and current full length movies at high quality
  • antivirus software and protection by McAffee
  • and access to watch high quality television programs including the latest 'Big Brother' episodes along with exclusive live cam feeds from current and past seasons.

Get 10 Free Downloads by Signing Up to a Free Trial Now!



If you are, like most, a casual music downloader and are looking to be thouroughly enetertained, this service goes way beyond any other service we review on our site. You get a great selection of music, 10 downloads a month which unlike some other services, these ones are compatible with any portable music player including iPods, loads of television, movies, games, and the list goes on. Considering the price of going out to the movies even for one person, having all this entertainment at the comfort of your own home and for $15 / month where for that money, you would only get 10 downloads at iTunes for example with no TV, movies, or games, we consider these guys a fantastic bargain satisfying not only your musical needs, but so many entertainment needs it's not even funny.

At the least, we highly recommend taking advantage of their current free 14 day trial offer which will let you download any 10 songs for free which are yours to keep either way, though after the test run, we'd be surprised if you are not as impressed with the service as we were.

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