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Music Can Increase Productivity

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Music download services are great ways to pass the time for those cooped up behind a computer all day. Subscription sites such as Superpass and Napster give the customer unlimited access to their library of over 8 million songs.  With a subscription the user is able to access their account from any computer. With so many songs to choose from and so much time spent at work you will be able to listen to bands’ entire catalogues to help pass the time.  There have also been studies that have proven that music can increase ones productivity at work.  Some theorize listening to music you enjoy makes you more upbeat and productive.  It has also been said that by listening to music without lyrics your brain begins to work off of the tempo and gets your mind processing information at the speed of the song. So if you are behind the computer all day, start experimenting with different kinds of music to find your work jam.

Finding Foreign Artists Made Easy

Friday, August 24th, 2012

There is a large market for foreign music in the United States. Unfortunately for fans of foreign artists, unless the artist has hit big enough to make the top 40 radio charts, you will be hard pressed to find their album at a Wal-Mart or Best Buy.  It is possible to find these albums for purchase online, but then you have to pay outrageous shipping prices to have the record delivered overseas. Legal download sites, however, have a large selection of music from all over the world. By downloading music online, you save yourself the money, time and hassle that come with seeking out foreign music. There’s no need to punish yourself for having unique taste in music. Also, legally downloading music from foreign artists can help them climb the charts, showing record labels that there is a market for them in the United States. Once record labels start to see that there is profit to be made, your favorite music becomes more readily available to you.

Download the Facts

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

When using music download services it’s very important to read the fine print and understand what you are paying for. There are several different ways that music sites can sell you downloads. When you purchase a song download from Amazon MP3, you are actually receiving the mp3. With the mp3 you are allowed a larger amount of freedom. The track can be used and transferred to as many different devices as you like. However, if you are downloading from iTunes, with each iTunes account you are allowed to share the track with up to 5 separate computers. With restrictions such as this you must be careful with who and how you share your downloads. Using unlimited download sites you are actually paying for the right to access their library as long as you remain a member. The unlimited download sites also typically offer the user a number of mp3s per month that the user is allowed to keep even after their membership is cancelled. There are positive and negative factors that come with using any download service. It is best to do research on the site you choose to use before you make a commitment so you know you are receiving the best value for your money. For a list of reviews of the top legal music download sites, visit

Music Download Sites Make Up and Coming Bands’ Music Easily Available

Monday, August 20th, 2012

A lot of music collectors prefer to own a physical copy of their favorite bands album rather than downloading songs. While this desire is understandable, many up and coming bands do not have the finances to produce physical copies. Such a dynamic created a vicious cycle since the main method of gathering sufficient money to buy physical CD’s is selling those same CD’s.  Making actual physical copies of an album take time and resources that smaller bands do not have. The other option–making physical copies through a record label–has many different costs such as packaging, shipping, and accounting for breakage. In today’s music market, it’s also very difficult for a band to fight for shelf space in brick and mortar stores. But through today’s technology, bands are able to easily produce and self-release music through legal download sites. With this technique, previous barriers to entry are knocked down and bands can release more content more often,. Typically, there is a long wait period for new music when a band releases an album.. Music download sites make music cheaper to produce and more easily available which then allows for more extended play between albums. Also, by legally downloading music online you are able to help fund your favorite bands future projects so that in time they will be able to afford physical copies for their biggest fans.

Utilize Your Cellphone As An Mp3 Player

Friday, August 17th, 2012

There was a time when owning an mp3 player was a rarity.  In the early stages, mp3 players were very expensive and only held approximately 2 hours of music. Today it isn’t uncommon to find two mp3 players in the pocket of any given person. The majority of new cellphones come equipped with an mp3 player and applications that allow the user to download music straight to their phone from anywhere. This ability can come in useful to those that consistently find themselves at the gym or on lengthy road trips. Variety is the spice of life, and having a wide variety of downloaded songs at your disposal can make even the longest road trip seem like a short trip to the grocery store. Unlike the earlier versions of mp3 players, our mp3 players no longer hold only a couple hours of music, but days or even weeks of content.

Troubled Past, Bright Future

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

The word Napster doesn’t necessarily conjure up the greatest imagery when heard.  The word itself is almost a time machine back to the year 1999, when it seemed as if it were impossible to turn on the TV without seeing a headline involving Napster Vs. Metallica. Napster has been hard at work over the years to earn it’s good name back. There have been many changes since 1999, the major change being the site is now completely legal.  The site was recently acquired by a trusted electronics department store, Best Buy, and merged with other legal music download site, Rhapsody.  For a small monthly fee, Napster gives the member access to their music database of over 8 million songs, as well as 5 mp3 downloads per month. The site has successfully reinvented itself into a trustworthy business that offers legal music downloads at competitive prices. When comparing music download sites, Napster is definitely one to be considered.

The Golden Age of Podcasting

Monday, August 13th, 2012

The 1950’s were known as the Golden Age of Radio in country. Over 80% of the United States listened to the radio on a daily basis. Currently in our country we are experiencing a resurgence of a similar culture. This time period is beginning to be called The Golden Age of Podcasting. Podcasts are radio broadcasts that are made available for download or streaming through the Internet. There are thousands of podcasts to choose from that vary from almost any topic imaginable. Podcasting pioneers such as Kevin Smith, Marc Maron & Scott Aukerman have grown what was once weekly, hour long Internet radio shows into podcasting empires. Music download sites such as iTunes have been large factors in bringing podcasting to the mainstream. By making them easily available for free downloads, podcasts are now accessible to millions making the reach of the podcast massive. iTunes has recently announced that the demand for podcasts have become so great that a completely separate download site is currently in the works to accommodate the listeners.

There Are So Many To Choose From

With so many podcasts to choose from it can become overwhelming finding a place to start. iTunes has added a new category of the top 10 downloaded podcasts in each category. The charts are conveniently located on the home page directly under their top 10 weekly music downloads.

Reviews By Fans For Fans

Friday, August 10th, 2012

In today’s economy there are few people who have the disposable income to allow for many album purchases. With the budget to purchase only a few albums per year it is best to know you are getting the best for your money. Top download sites, Amazon and ITunes offer user reviews that give the consumer insight into the song or album they are looking into downloading. After purchasing, users are allowed to give their thoughts about the album and give it a star rating based on their thoughts Typically user reviews are a more reliable source of information than professional critics. Professional critics are getting paid to find the flaws in things they don’t necessarily care about, where actual fans of the music have more accurate insight based on real knowledge of the artist.

Music On a Budget

Unlimited download sites are perfect for fans on a budget. These sites will allow the user to listen to as many albums as they want from the site’s database for less than the price of buying a record per month. The user can then decide which albums are worthy of purchase and use their limited number of MP3 downloads to acquire their most sought after tracks.

Only the Essentials

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

It seems that every album you buy, regardless of how good the band is, has at least one song that isn’t very good.   There is always the one song that when it comes through the speakers of your car you immediately change without giving it a second thought.  Think about how much money could have been saved if you only had the tracks that you wanted. Music download sites give the user the ability to only purchase the tracks that they want. Albums from music download sites can either be purchased track by track, or by the album. When purchasing an entire album, the site typically offers the record at a discount. If you are only looking to buy a few tracks from the album, you are able to purchase them individually, saving yourself several dollars that can go toward other songs you are interested in owning.

No Mp3 Player, No Problem

Monday, August 6th, 2012

There are still music lovers who have yet to convert from CD to mp3 downloads.  It’s a common misconception that it is mandatory to own an mp3 player or high tech cellphone in order to enjoy digital downloads. Many modern car stereos are able to play mp3 CDs, which are CDs that are able to compress the files to a smaller size, allowing for more content per CD. The average CD-R can hold approximately 80 minutes of music, where the average mp3 CD can hold over 9 hours. By downloading music, rather than purchasing physical copies, you can cut down on the clutter of discs lying around your car.

Over the years, CDs have been one of the leading causes of traffic accidents. Drivers began searching through compartments for loose discs and take their eyes off of the road. That split second of searching is all it takes to wind up in a car accident. Fitting all of your music downloads onto one mp3 CD allows you to keep your eyes on the road while searching through the disc to find your songs. Check for a list of the best music download sites.