Reviews By Fans For Fans

In today’s economy there are few people who have the disposable income to allow for many album purchases. With the budget to purchase only a few albums per year it is best to know you are getting the best for your money. Top download sites, Amazon and ITunes offer user reviews that give the consumer insight into the song or album they are looking into downloading. After purchasing, users are allowed to give their thoughts about the album and give it a star rating based on their thoughts Typically user reviews are a more reliable source of information than professional critics. Professional critics are getting paid to find the flaws in things they don’t necessarily care about, where actual fans of the music have more accurate insight based on real knowledge of the artist.

Music On a Budget

Unlimited download sites are perfect for fans on a budget. These sites will allow the user to listen to as many albums as they want from the site’s database for less than the price of buying a record per month. The user can then decide which albums are worthy of purchase and use their limited number of MP3 downloads to acquire their most sought after tracks.


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