The Golden Age of Podcasting

The 1950’s were known as the Golden Age of Radio in country. Over 80% of the United States listened to the radio on a daily basis. Currently in our country we are experiencing a resurgence of a similar culture. This time period is beginning to be called The Golden Age of Podcasting. Podcasts are radio broadcasts that are made available for download or streaming through the Internet. There are thousands of podcasts to choose from that vary from almost any topic imaginable. Podcasting pioneers such as Kevin Smith, Marc Maron & Scott Aukerman have grown what was once weekly, hour long Internet radio shows into podcasting empires. Music download sites such as iTunes have been large factors in bringing podcasting to the mainstream. By making them easily available for free downloads, podcasts are now accessible to millions making the reach of the podcast massive. iTunes has recently announced that the demand for podcasts have become so great that a completely separate download site is currently in the works to accommodate the listeners.

There Are So Many To Choose From

With so many podcasts to choose from it can become overwhelming finding a place to start. iTunes has added a new category of the top 10 downloaded podcasts in each category. The charts are conveniently located on the home page directly under their top 10 weekly music downloads.

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