Troubled Past, Bright Future

The word Napster doesn’t necessarily conjure up the greatest imagery when heard.  The word itself is almost a time machine back to the year 1999, when it seemed as if it were impossible to turn on the TV without seeing a headline involving Napster Vs. Metallica. Napster has been hard at work over the years to earn it’s good name back. There have been many changes since 1999, the major change being the site is now completely legal.  The site was recently acquired by a trusted electronics department store, Best Buy, and merged with other legal music download site, Rhapsody.  For a small monthly fee, Napster gives the member access to their music database of over 8 million songs, as well as 5 mp3 downloads per month. The site has successfully reinvented itself into a trustworthy business that offers legal music downloads at competitive prices. When comparing music download sites, Napster is definitely one to be considered.

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