Music Can Increase Productivity

Music download services are great ways to pass the time for those cooped up behind a computer all day. Subscription sites such as Superpass and Napster give the customer unlimited access to their library of over 8 million songs.  With a subscription the user is able to access their account from any computer. With so many songs to choose from and so much time spent at work you will be able to listen to bands’ entire catalogues to help pass the time.  There have also been studies that have proven that music can increase ones productivity at work.  Some theorize listening to music you enjoy makes you more upbeat and productive.  It has also been said that by listening to music without lyrics your brain begins to work off of the tempo and gets your mind processing information at the speed of the song. So if you are behind the computer all day, start experimenting with different kinds of music to find your work jam.

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